Making the Right Choice

If you’re trying to get into the building construction industry but feel you can’t compete with the big guys, consider becoming a home remodeling contractor. With home remodeling, the projects are much smaller than full construction projects and it will give you a chance to learn more about each of the construction trades and gain experience with customer service and contractor law.

Getting Started as a Contractor

  • First Things First

    In order to start a home remodel contracting business you will first need to obtain a contractor’s license in your state. Many states require you to have some experience working for another licensed contractor before you can apply for your own license. If you already have this experience, the next step is to apply for the license, study for the contractor’s test, and then take the contractor’s license exam. Once you pass the exam and receive your license, you’re ready to start your business.

  • Organizing Your New Business

    When starting a contracting business, you need to be organized. How will you manage your accounting, estimates, invoices, and purchases? You can purchase computer software to perform all of these tasks for you. When doing estimates and finalizing project details with clients it is helpful to have general construction, bathroom, and kitchen design software in your laptop that show how the finished project will look when it is completed. This help to minimize “change orders” throughout the project.

  • Getting the Skills & Tools You Need

    Although you may already have skills in one or more of the construction trades, you will quickly find that each job presents its own unique challenges that need to be solved. Not all houses are built the same, so each project should be carefully analyzed before work begins to see if you can successfully complete the project. It seems like you will be constantly buying tools for your business. Many of the tools you will need on a regular basis can be purchased as you need them, the larger tools can be rented.

Job Security

If you’ve been working in the construction trade for several years, you may finally be ready to go out on your own. While the demand for home building projects can fluctuate as the economy changes, home remodeling and repair projects are always available for skilled craftsman. When the economy is slow, homeowners tend to repair and remodel their existing homes rather than sell and buy new ones. Enjoy your new job independence.